• ECOALF Upcycling Oceans

    Ecoalf has undertaken its most ambitious project to date: UPCYCLING THE OCEANS, an unprecedented global adventure to help clean the oceans of debris through fishermen. It’s a unique, complex and groundbreaking project whose ultimate goal is to transform the plastic debris found in the Mediterranean into thread to make fabric.

  • ECOALF Pedro Armestre

    Limited edition T-SHIRT in collaboration with ©PEDROARMESTRE photographer and made from 100% recycled cotton.

    ECOALF and Pedro Armestre have joined efforts to create this collection, sharing the ambition to motivate to use less of the world’s natural resources. Pedro Armestre is internationally recognized for environmental photojournalism, particularly focusing on the preservation of our natural heritage. “Four Elements, Basic principles of life”(Water, Air, Fire and Earth) is the namewhich unifies the documentary photography of Pedro Armestre highlighting his passion for social and environmental values.

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