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Malindi Schoolbag Red

Recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets are the main materials we use to produce lightweight and waterproof accessories.

119,00 €

Urban Stories

Ecoalf believes that fashion cannot just be about looking good and there is no need to keep on using natural resources in a careless way.

Not accepting a no for an answer is Ecoalf´s ethos and gives us energy and power to always look out for new perspectives and ways of changing things in a sustainable and innovative way.

24 Hours Hand Luggage Tote Bag

An ultra-light bag perfect for your gym days, weekend trips or your day-to-day routine, thanks to its wide capacity.

139,00 €

Breakthrough technnology through constant investment in R&D grants the latest and newest materials and fabrics of the best in class quality and process.

Masai Handbag with Pockets Burgundy

An everyday bag. Its sporty design and the sober colouring make it the perfect match. No more concerns: it is waterproof and highly resistant. Made of recycled fishing nets.

99,00 €

Coming soon 'OSLO' Waterproof Backpack Copper, made from recycled plastic botlles.

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