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ECOALF is more than a conscious clothing brand, it`s mission is to create the first generation of recycled products with the same attention to quality, design and technical properties as the best non-recycled products in the market. ECOALF provides a practical demonstration that there is absolutely no need to continue depleting the Earth’s natural resources for the sake of production.
Fashion is not just looking good, Ecoalf wants to show that there is no need to continue using natural resources in a careless way.



Address current needs without compromising those of future generations. A project for the future of our society, with the social, economic and environmental foundationsas the core.


The revolutionary technology through constant investment in R & D and collaborative research to achieve the best quality in new materials, fabrics and manufacturing processes.

Non Conformism

Not accepting a NO for an answer is the Ecoalf ethos and it gives energy and power to always seek new perspectives and ways to change things in a sustainable and innovative way.

200 tonnes

of marine waste recovered from the bottom of the Mediterranean sea since 2016.

+ 90 tonnes of discarded fishing nets recycled so far.

+ 5 million of plastic bottles recycled so far.

How does Ecoalf understand sustainability?

In order to ensure 100% transparency and provide the highest levels of quality, the ECOALF team manages the full process from waste collection to recycling technologies, manufacture, design and retail.
100% of the materials used by Ecoalf are sustainable and the vast majority are recycled. Ecoalf also researches and introduces other sustainable materials to achieve certain textures such as hemp, Tencel® or organic cotton, reducing the environmental impact.
Ecoalf cares not only about the materials, but also about the processes. Ecoalf is improving and reducing all the processes in Ecoalf´s supply chain to ensure they are even more sustainable and also to achieve a lower environmental impact every season.
To ensure total traceability of our production process, Ecoalf is applying for several certifications, this way, our chain value will be certified by an independent and qualified third party.

Recycled fabrics benefits

Ecoalf has developed over more than 200 fabrics today, made of:

Ecoalf gives waste a second life, converting it into high quality raw materials, this way waste is being reduced.

Most of Ecoalf´s fabrics are made with mechanical recycling processes, lowering it`s impact.

The production process of recycled yarn is much shorter in comparison to conventional yarn, saving 25 % blue water consumption, 27% energy consumption and reducing carbon footprint.

Materials of animal origin:

Ecoalf is not using anymore leather in its collections. Ecoalf decided to stop using them in 2014, because Ecoalf can not guarantee total traceability and to ensure the non use of crome in the chromium during the leather tanning process.
Down // Feather
Ecoalf is using just recycled wool.

The majority of Ecoalf´s fabrics are

100% recycled

Recycling percentage is always visible in Ecoalf´s composition / care label. Although there is no regulation about it, Ecoalf rather be transparent and give the customer the recycled material percentage.

Chemical and Finishing:

Ecoalf commits to sustainability by investing in reducing the environmental impact in our value chain. Ecoalf is mainly focused in improving the dyeing and finishing processes.

Ecoalf is working in its own List of Restricted Substances (LSR), Ecoalf needs its supplier agreement to ensure all the product will not contain any chemical toxic for people or for the earth. In the meantime going one step forward, Ecoalf has decided to stop using C6 in its wáter repellent finishing. Instead of C6 Ecoalf is using the C0, that means Ecoalf´s water repellent fabrics are PFC free (perfluorocarbons free).


Ecoalf loves to transform ideas into action.
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