Amsterdam store

Located in the heart of the old city center, the new store emerges with a touch of modernity and innovation to welcome customers and take them on an exciting adventure. As you cross the doorstep, design, innovation and sustainability come together in an urban character to stimulate all five senses. In this 140 square meter large space, you will not only find fashion, but also nature, arquitecture, books and yoga for you to get immersed into a lifestyle aligned with ECOALF’s philosophy.


Natural plants that feed on the natural light of the store.

Recycled materials

Recycled materials, among them we highlight the accessories and footwear library made with recycled wood (old beams).


Digital technology is also present inside the store, to maximize communication and retain the user through messages of change, responsibility and commitment to the planet. Throughout the space, the client can find videos explaining the recycling processes so that they can understand how each material is made.


100% ecological paint made from minerals, allowing the surfaces to perspire.


A LED lighting system to minimize consumption, clean and efficient energy.

air conditioning

Clean air circulation without air conditioning. Instead, a system of windows allowing the air to circulate freely and naturally has been put in place.

ACT NOW couldn’t be missed out in a space that is transformed for educational talks that help raise awareness about fashion, the environment, the oceans and various projects that are being carried out in the city. Once again, ECOALF merges aesthetic and sustainability by creating a unique and functional design from materials obtained through the recycling of various residues… while keeping the exact same quality as if they were virgin materials!

Utrechtsestraat 105-H

1017 VK

Monday & Sunday 12:00 - 18:00

Rest of the week 11:00 - 18:00


+31 (020) 233 82 07

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