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Women’s moccasins

Style, sustainability and comfort are the main features of our moccasins for women. Cool and comfortable footwear, perfect for the warmer months ahead. A casual but elegant style that is also environmentally friendly. Made from 100% recycled materials.

Want to explore our new collection of summer moccasins for women?

Collection of summer moccasins for women 

Dress in a comfortable, cool and stylish manner this spring/summer with our summer moccasins for women. The new collection features special, unique designs that are suitable for everyday wear, whether you’re working, studying or out for a stroll. And it goes without saying, they go fantastically with our ECOALF women’s T-shirts

ECOALF collection of moccasins for women 

At ECOALF, we’ve come up with the perfect footwear you’ll want to wear everywhere, while reducing your environmental footprint. These moccasins have been made possible thanks to the Upcycling the Oceans project. In this initiative, we are working with more than 4,000 fishermen around the Mediterranean, cleaning and recovering marine waste that we turn into fabrics, which are in turn used to make soles of Michelin(R) recycled rubber for magnificent items, like these summer moccasins. 

Eco-friendly moccasins for women 

Explore the ECOALF range of eco-friendly moccasins and ballerina pumps for women. The use of materials such as recycled polyester, enables us to manufacture our products in a much more environmentally friendly way, thus reducing our environmental footprint.

The ECOALF range of eco-friendly moccasins for women combine design, comfort and sustainability, which make these shoes the perfect choice for ethical and responsible consumption. We use recycled ocean yarn to give these materials a second chance and cleanse the oceans through the production of sustainable moccasins and ballerina pumps.

Because a single gesture can make a difference and with our women’s moccasins you can also do your bit. 

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