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Cashmere man

Cashmere jumpers for men

Our men's cashmere jumpers are the ideal garments to combat the cold weather with a touch of elegance and versatility. Choose the colour that suits you best and enjoy the soft, warm texture of cashmere. And if you are looking for more protection against the cold, you can combine it perfectly with one of our men's coats

In every garment we create we aim to use the most innovative and responsible materials for our planet. That's why we use 70% recycled wool mixed with 30% recycled cashmere in our men's cashmere jumpers.

In this way, we avoid using virgin animal materials without compromising the quality of our garments.


Cashmere turtlenecks for men

Our men's cashmere turtlenecks are the perfect garment for the colder months of the year. The cashmere will keep you warm and comfortable and the turtleneck will give you a smart and sophisticated look.

Available in a range of colours, our cashmere turtlenecks are made from 70% recycled wool blended with 30% recycled cashmere to avoid using virgin animal materials.

Go for your cashmere jumper this winter for a warm, comfortable and stylish look.

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