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Hombre Mascarillas Higiénicas

Face masks have become an everyday item. However, disposable face masks also generate a large amount of environmentally-polluting waste. That’s why our ECOALF face masks for men are the perfect alternative. Our face masks are made from recycled polyester, which enables us to reduce water and energy consumption as well as avoid the CO2 emissions that would be produced were we to use other materials. 

Selection of reusable face masks

Our reusable face masks are available in various shades. Black is the most basic colour, but we also offer styles in green, pink and grey. This way, you can easily combine them with any look, regardless of your style, age or gender, as they are unisex. Our masks come with an adjustable strap, for added comfort.

You can combine them with other men’s accessories available on our website, including hats and scarves. 

Buy men’s eco-friendly face masks

If you want to buy eco-friendly face masks for men, at ECOALF we have exactly what you need. In addition to being sustainable, our face masks are thermo-regulating and hydrophobic. Made in Spain and reusable, they are designed to last up to 60 washes without losing their properties.

In addition, our unisex face masks incorporate a state-of-the-art treatment that eliminates viruses and bacteria through the use of silver ions. This provides protection and hygiene in accordance with the European Committee for Standardisation. 

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