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ECOALF swimwear for men

At ECOALF, we defend and work for sustainable consumption, that’s why we invest time, work and all our effort in creating quality garments. Swimwear garments require protection from pool products and heavy use, especially in the summer months. We’ve succeeded in creating men’s swimwear from recycled, durable materials. Swimwear can release microfibres, that’s why we’ve designed our collection with recycled nylon, which reduces the emission of microplastics.

We have one clear goal: Commitment, consistency, transparency and integrity. We want to protect the planet’s natural resources by creating a new generation of garments such as our ECOALF men’s swimwear.

Buy comfortable men’s swimwear

Make your beach days more comfortable with our men’s swimwear! Designed to ensure your comfort, our swimwear is perfect for enjoying the sun and sea. 

Our swimwear is made from high-quality materials and will feel soft and comfortable against your skin. Plus, a perfect fit ensures great freedom of movement. 

Sustainable men’s swimwear 

Our ECOALF men’s swimwear is made from fabrics that we have developed while limiting the use of natural resources and protecting the planet. 500 different recycled fabrics, which give a second life to materials such as plastics and fishermen’s yarns collected from the bottom of the ocean which we use to make our sea yarn. 

Recycled nylon which has enabled us to reduce emissions and the consumption of natural resources such as water. 

And it goes perfectly with one of our men’s T-shirts!. Our ECOALF men’s swimwear meets your needs to perfection without compromising on future generations. In our DNA, you say? Timeless design across our entire swimwear range that reflects the quality of our recycled materials.