Boli Kids Beanie
Boli Kids Beanie
Boli Kids Beanie

Boli Kids Beanie

2.28 kg CO2 eq saved
Best enviromental initiatives
75.0 %
160.00 liters of water used
0.0% of liters saved
0.50 kg CO2 eq used
82.0% of kg CO2 eq saved
0.14 g PO4 eq used
82.0% g of PO4 eq saved
Best social & ethical initiatives
80.0 %
30 people behind
with safe work & better livelihoods
+20 processes from design to sale
in a product ethically traded
Best traceability initiatives
72.0 %
Made in China
The important thing is with whom and how. Socially and environmentally responsible factory
19020 km behind
committed to sustainability
BCORP certification guarantees
and product supply chain traceability

Rib knit beanie with the Ecoalf logo on the front. The ultimate accessory for colder days, it adapts to all sizes thanks to its recycled woollen fabric.

  • Kid’s beanie
  • Ecoalf Logo on the front
  • Main fabric: 100% Recycled wool

The Boli beanie is a must-have accessory for little ones for colder days; soft, comfortable and so very warm! It has it all to become their everyday essential item.

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The process of returning an item to Ecoalf goes against our company's values; to take care of the planet. Returning products is a long process that directly contributes to more wasted natural resources, from the use of more paper required to package the items, to more greenhouse required gasses emitted to transport them. As the process, unfortunately, prevents Ecoalf from being as sustainable as we are committed to being, therefore to limit our direct contributions through these methods, customers will be required to pay a fee for returning any item:

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  • Rest of the world: $30.00 / 30,00 €

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