Nebrija Prize for Contemporary Creation and Innovation

“Emilio Castelar Prize “for the defense of freedom and progress” for defending the circular economy and sustainability


Traveler Sostenible & Eco of Condé Nast Traveler, España for our Ocean waste sneaker

IMF Business School Award for the Best Business of the year, Spain

Gentleman Sustainability Award, España


Peta Award for the 100% VEGAN Collection FELDER FELDER, Britain

Gold Medal of the Red Cross, Spain


Ecoalf nominated for the prize awarded by the Design Museum in London

Beazley Designs Of The Year in its tenth edition

Land Rover Award in the category of "Technology and innovation". Madrid

Vocento Award for "The best business values" 


Berlin design award by the Ecoalf Berlin store. Berlin

Bid Award, Design and Sustainability for the capsule collection with Sybilla. Madrid

El Confidencial-KPMG Award for the best Initiatives in Eco-efficiency

Acotex Award to the "Best Fashion Store" 


Design and Innovation Award of the magazine Fuera de Serie 


European Environment Award to the Company. Product for sustainable development

BID14_4th Iberoamerican Biennial Award for Design and Sustainability Design

BID14_4th Iberoamerican Design Biennial Award for Fashion / Textile Design

Laus Bronze Award for Graphic Design and Visual Communication

Fashion National Award for Entrepreneurship