Ecoalf's stores

ECOALF’s first flagship store is set in the buzzling center of Madrid. World renowned interior designer Lorenzo del Castillo was in charge of the design of the shop, which is thought to further the brand’s ethos: innovative sustainability. Columns made from recycled wood give a touch of nature to the modern store. 

The first exclusive international flagship store was opened on November 2017 in Berlin. This ground-breaking shop depicts the best of edge-cutting design using sustainable materials. Built with the support of Greenpeace Energy, the building meets the highest standards of energy efficiency. The stores offer much more than a sustainable fashion brand, you will find architecture, design, books and beauty, which build a sustainable lifestyle experience that is true to the brand's philosophy. 

Both stores offer a multifunctional space where you can discover, explore and interact with nature and impactful sea and ocean images. Designed specifically for events, documentaries, conferences and talks but also available for anyone who simply wants to relax and enjoy nature. 

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