MISSION: Create the first generation of recycled products with the same quality and design as non-recycled ones.

At Ecoalf, we prefer using recycled materials for their low environmental impact. We mostly use mechanical recycling processes as they are more sustainable. In terms of energy consumption and CO2 emissions, the production of yarn from recycled material has a significantly lower environmental impact than the traditional way of producing. Since 2012 we have developed more than 400 fabrics using recycled plastic bottles, nylon, coffee, tires, cotton and wool.  

Plastic bottles from the bottom of the ocean

The Ecoalf Foundation has achieved to involve more than 3000 fishermen in 40 different ports, leading to the recovery of 500 tons of waste from the bottom of the ocean of Spanish coastlines with the help of 550 sea trawlers. 

Recycled Nylon

Our favorite type of recycled nylon is the one stemming from fishing nets that were abandoned in the ocean. These nets are made from 6 or 6.6 nylon, which is the highest quality of nylon, providing us with excellent thread. In comparison to the conventional chemical processes required for the production of virgin nylon, recycled nylon needs half of the production steps, while it also reduces the water and energy consumption. 

Recycled Cotton

Due to its important water consumption in all its production steps, cotton is probably the most polluting item of the industry. By using recycled cotton Ecoalf saves 4074 liters of water per sweatshirt. In 2019 Ecoalf saved 38 million liters of water with a collection made of recycled cotton. We keep on investing in technology and R&D to find the highest quality of recycled cotton available on the market. 

Recycled coffee grounds

Coffee is not just to drink, you can also wear it! Additionally, coffee grounds contain natural properties they are providing the products with, such as quick drying, UV protection and odor control. 

Recycled tires

After 10 years of R&D we have achieved to transform used tires into flip flops! Thanks to Signus (the biggest collectors for used tires in Spain) and CTCR (the technological center of La Rioja) we have developed flip flops made from recycled tires that are 100% produced in Spain. This product has received more than 4 prizes for innovation and technology.

Recycled wool

Wool is one of the most recycled fibers. Wool products have a long lifespan and a low environmental impact. The mechanical recycling process allows us to reuse the wool fibers to keep them within the cycle of use for a longer period of time.