Tom Foolery: “On Your Sleeve”

Tom Foolery is a spoken word poet, performer, and filmmaker. He launched his YouTube platform on March 22nd, 2020 and, just five weeks later, uploaded a performance of ‘The Great Realisation’ and the video has since been viewed over 60 million times. Tom’s mission from the beginning has been to present a message of hope, optimism, and socially constructive and progressive ideas through his words.

Sharing similar values Ecoalf has collaborated with Tom Foolery to create “On Your Sleeve” a poem that details Mother Nature’s perspective on the way that we consume, prompting consumers to stop, think, and reflect upon their daily habits and annual traditions. Furthermore, it offers ways to counteract these habits and calls each individual to act.

“I know some of you are trying, but this tale is yours to weave. The world will remember you for your actions, it’s time to wear them on your sleeve.”