sneakers 'ohio'
sneakers 'ohio'
sneakers 'ohio'
sneakers 'ohio'


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Sock trainers. Made from polyester recycled from plastic bottles collected from the Mediterranean seabed.

  • Men’s lace-up sock trainers
  • ECOALF logo
  • 60% polyester recycled from plastic bottles collected from the Mediterranean seabed / 40% polyester
  • 100%Vegan
  • 0% Metal
  • 100% Comfort

Our OHIO trainers take care of your feet and of the environment, being both ergonomic and sustainable. Made from recycled polyester, to keep on walking on our planet.


Returns have no extra cost.

Purchases may be returned within 30 days from the order's delivery date.

ECOALF will refund the import of the returned product/s through the same payment method used by the client to make the purchase. Only the initial shipping costs of the order will be deducted from the refund since they were initially required to make the package arrive to its destination. 

For further information on the return process click here.

Think Responsibly, Act Accordingly.

Ecoalf will, of course, accept returns of its products but we are in favour of our customers’ making the right product choice in the first place.          

The return process involves a long procedure that diminishes our principal goal: to take care of the planet. 

REpacking (more paper) y REdelivering another product (more gas emissions) are only two of the negatives of the return process, preventing Ecoalf from being as sustainable as it is committed to.

So please think twice before purchasing an Ecoalf product, thank you.