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Ecoalf is a small team committed to enjoy while working hard to create a lifestyle brand to go beyond reducing negative impact to creating a positive one—going from Negative to Positive we feel comfortable and proud to belong to. Ecoalf creates unexpected fashion developing innovative solutions to current challenges, looking for a way of joining design, quality and respect both to others and to our environment.

Ecoalf believes that fashion cannot just be about looking good and there is no need to keep on using natural resources in a careless way.

Ecoalf recycles different types of waste to design a contemporary urban + outdoor apparel, footwear and accessories collection demonstrating that we can create a new generation of recycled products with the same quality and design as the best ones done with non recycled . Innovation , materials. Sustainability and transparency are the ADN of Ecoalf .

Its not only what we do but how we do it. The best example of commitment is the Ecoalf Foundation and its project Upcycling the Ocean, an unprecedented worldwide adventure that will help to remove waste from the oceans thanks to the support of fishermen. A revolutionary project whose main objective is to recover the trash that is destroying the OCEANS and transform it into top quality yarn to produce fabrics, tailor clothes and accessories. We save water, energy and CO2 in every step of the process.

Ecoalf is devoted to share best practice with other people or companies making remarkable progress on a global scale, mainly due to the creative process of the collaborations. Ecoalf stands behind its decisions and work hard to make all aspects of the business model from the beginning to the end coherent with the brand values we believe in.

Reading Time: 1 min