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Coffee grounds

The average daily consumption of coffee is 3.1 cups per day. Did you know that coffee is not only for drinking? You can also wear it! The resultant fabric is soft, light, flexible and breathable and can also be use to produce an outer shell that is water resistant. The fabric thanks to the coffee grounds becomes UV-resistant, wicks water away, keeps you cool and it has odor control properties.

Used coffee ground is picked up from a well-known chain of diners. The compound is still humid so the first step, when taken to the recycling plant, is to dry the coffee grounds and extract any oil it contains. Then the coffee ground is grinded to a size of nano-powder. This powder is the prepared in master batches to be mixed with recycled polyester polymers in order to create yarn.





S.Café® is a way of healthy sustainable lifestyle by not wasting but utilizing 100 % of our recourses.

Katmandú 3 in 1 Down Jacket Man Black

20 cups of coffee = 1 meter Ecoalf fabric

Why is this tiny coffee ground have the ability to provide these features? Roasting is the answer.

When roasted, the coffee bean swells, which means that the space inside the bean expands.

During brewing, hot water removes materials that are clogging up the spaces, then finally the patented S.Café® process maximizes the functional performance capacity of the coffee ground.

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