Footwear & Accessories

Ecoalf does not recommend machine washing your accessories. Clean areas exposed to dirt with a wet cloth. If absolutely necessary, machine wash on a short cycle on slow spin, and at a maximum of 30º.

T-shirts, Shirts, Dresses, Sweaters & Pants

To best maintain the quality of your Ecoalf garment, wash it with similar colours at a maximum of 30º. T-shirts in indigo tones should be washed separately, inside out, in cold water. For the first time use, please do not .


Ecoalf recommends only washing these garments once or twice during the season. In the meantime you can air them out and use a cloth to clean off small stains and the cuffs. Wash your garment at a maximum temperature of 30º and do not use the spin cycle. In case of Primaloft garments, line dry in a well ventilated area until the down is completely dry. Redistribute the down filling with your hands until it looks like new.


Recomendamos no utilizar secadora debido al alto consumo energético del proceso. Además, la secadora reduce el ciclo de vida de los rellenos bajando la durabilidad y resistencia a condiciones climatológicas adversas. Si quieres mantener tu prenda Ecoalf como nueva, intenta secar de manera tradicional, tendiéndola verticalmente.


We do not recommend tumble drying because of its high energy consumption.

Dryers reduce the useful life of padded coats, making them less durable and resistant to bad weather. If you want to keep your Ecoalf jacket looking like new, try line drying it in the traditional way.

Dry cleaning

Due to the high concentration of synthetic chemicals used in the dry cleaning process, Ecoalf does not recommend using this option for garments. Because it is so aggressive it could damage the hardware (zips, buttons, etc.), negatively affecting both the appearance and functionality of the garment.