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When walking into the store, one should see the brand philosophy and breathe the brand ́s values: sustainability, innovation, and design in an urban character. This is the main objective throughout the store journey. Since the beginning the store design has fully respected the previous space giving it a second life with a bespoke veneer. Accomplishing resourceful and flexible store made of recycled material.

Experimental space

sustainability, innovation and design

An interior garden that bridges between the urban square and the green areas of the building, unique settings that are defined by the lighting to engage with the customer, and modern digital technology (visible in the exterior as well as the interior of the store) to maximize communication and generate consumer awareness with key messaging around change, responsibility and compromise with the planet. Throughout the whole store journey the consumer is educated about Ecoalf ́s recycling processes and materials achieved with videos, to fully understand how the brand develops materials.


Since the beginning of the project, Ecoalf worked under the same premise which is sustainability. The goal was to remain environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout the whole store design. The building meets the highest standards of energy efficiency and the brand works with Greenpeace Energy for the systems in the Flagship store. Ecoalf is not only using renewable energy but is also working with recycled materials to complete the store, such as recycled wood, recycled algae for the carpet, recycled PET for the sofa... accomplishing a sustainable experience from the very beginning.


Green areas are living elements, changing. This capacity for change must be kept in the projects. Generating green spaces inside the shop interior improves the quality of the space. Plants, by producing oxygen, absorb particles.


The entire store will be illuminated with LED technology. -LED lamps operate at low voltage and generate minimal heat, so they provide greater security to people during installation and during everyday use. - Savings: A durability of 50,000 hours and up to an 80% saving in the energy bill. - Efficiency: A 5 watt led luminaries achieves a light effect equivalent to a conventional 40 watt light. - Green energy: Reducing carbon dioxide emissions, saving energy and protecting the environment. No light pollution. Working with Greenpeace energy.


Recycled Chestnut wood (proceeding from disintegrated use) has been used for the fabrication and creation of Ecoalf ́s furniture. All achieved with manual cut and zero use of energetic consumption.


Unlike other materials, iron is 100% recyclable. At the end of the useful life of the product it can be reused an unlimited number of times with the same effectiveness.

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Alte Schönhauser Straße 5-5a 10119 Berlin

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Alte Schönhauser Straße 5-5a 10119 Berlin