In the EU, over 10.7 million tonnes of furniture waste are generated annually with 80-90% being incinerated or sent to landfil.
Ecopure®, the innovative medium-density foam is 70% recycled material to fight against the millions of tonnes of abandoned furniture.

There are 4 key components to developing a solution to the furniture industry:


    ECOPURE®’s recycled foam technology recycles post-consumer mattresses and perfectly cushions the piece, it is upholstered with Ecoalf´s recycled fabric to save water, reduce CO2 emissions and avoid using new resources.


    Designed with the end in mind, using the least number of parts and a minimal form so that the 7 pieces of the modular sofa can easily be deconstructed and the parts recycled into new pieces.

  • 3. QUALITY &


    Create quality and comfortable pieces that are meaningful and durable. Its modularity allows the sofa to be repurposed, adapted to different spaces and withstand repeated use to extend the product’s lifecycle for as long as possible and avoid the need for new products.


    100% Made in Spain, every single step from the design to the production takes place within a 100km mile range of Viccarbe´s HQ. 

“There is nothing more sustainable than creating pieces that will last a lifetime. Pieces that will be part of our journey and will be present in our everyday life. Everything we make must be meaningful for the environment and for our lives.” - Victor Carrasco, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer Viccarbe

“Innovation and sustainability go hand in hand. Together we have been able to share our know-how and create a sofa designed for the present and the future, one that can balance our current needs without taking from those of the future generations. It is versatile, durable, and designed to be circular so that the same materials can serve as the raw materials for the sofas of the future.” - Javier Goyeneche, Founder & President  Ecoalf

Represents inclusvityand sustainability for all women, through the union of the natural and human world, natural dyes, and comfort, demonstrating that we do not need to harm our planet in irreversible ways to enjoy fashion on a daily basis.