GENERALI joins the movement against marine litter

Upcycling the Oceans works hand in hand with various organisations with whom it shares the concern for the conservation of our seas. This collaboration allows a form of continuity. New places are explored and actions based on recycling are carried out to provide a day-to-day response to the problem of marine litter.

On this occasion, GENERALI joins Upcycling The Oceans to build a healthier, strong and sustainable society in which people can develop and grow. To bring this compromise to life, GENERALI acts in a sustainable manner in its daily activities by involving all parties concerned and respecting their ideas in all its decisions. They provide clear answers to social and environmental risks.

Based on its commitment to environmental protection, the company has developed GENERALI Index Evolution, a new “multi-investment” product, consisting of funds that invest in companies that meet ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria. With this product, it offers its customers the opportunity to achieve attractive profitability while investing in sustainable companies at the same time. But GENERALI Index Evolution wants to go one step further and actively participate in the fight against marine pollution. They therefore support the project Upcycling the Oceans, so that per 1. 000 euros injected, 3. 7 kg² of waste will be removed from our seas thanks to the cooperation with the fisheries sector.

[1] GENERALI is a leading insurance company that has been present on the Spanish market for 180 years and, thanks to the professionalism of its team and its network of intermediaries, is synonymous with trust for more than three million clients. It transforms information into knowledge in order to take macro trends into account and find solutions that are in line with the objectives of sustainable development. Its strategic decisions are made by measuring the impact that the company's actions can have on the environment, and not just by considering the economic aspects. With this in mind, GENERALI has launched several initiatives to reduce its ecological footprint, but with this action they are taking a step further in their corporate responsibility policy.


[2] Estimation based on the results of Upcycling The Oceans Upcycling in Spain in recent years. In 2020, the amount of collected waste per invested 1. 000€ may vary for reasons beyond the control of GENERALI Insurance.