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Environmentally and Sustainably Friendly Made Winter Coats

Prepare for the elements while protecting the environment with our collection of sustainable outerwear. From stylish women's jackets to cozy sustainable coats, our eco-conscious pieces are crafted using recycled and innovative fabrics that dramatically reduce water consumption. 

In fact, our outerwear collection has saved over 890 million liters of water compared to traditional textile production. But we haven't compromised on style or performance. Our sustainable autumn coats and weather-ready jackets combine utility, comfort, and effortless design for feel-good fashion this season. 

Women's Waterproof Winter Jacket

Explore our range of eco-friendly women's outerwear essentials for any weather. Choose a lightweight women's waterproof jacket with a hood for rainy days. Stay toasty in one of our environmentally friendly made winter coats or puffer jackets for women. 

Opt for a stylish grey jacket for women to complement your wardrobe. Whatever you need to take on the elements, our collection of sustainably made women's outerwear has a solution. 

Crafted from recycled polyester and other innovative fabrics, each jacket and coat reflects our commitment to sustainability without sacrificing performance or style. Brave the weather in outerwear that aligns with your values. 

Sustainable Autumn and Winter Coat 

Our eco-friendly women's coats and jackets go beyond just using recycled materials - we consider sustainability across the entire production process. All our outerwear pieces are padded with 100% vegan materials, avoiding duck down and feather fill for ethical and environmental reasons. We're certified by the Global Recycling Standard, meaning our recycled polyester and other fabrics can be traced back to their recycled origins. 

We also minimise the resources needed to make each jacket and coat by using energy-efficient facilities and efficient transportation. You can feel confident that your ECOALF outerwear has an end-to-end commitment to sustainability. Each piece even comes with its own sustainability report detailing the environmental impact compared to conventional production.  

At ECOALF, we believe in full transparency when it comes to how we make our eco-friendly coats and jackets. Our vision is outerwear that keeps you warm, dry and stylish while also keeping the planet in mind.