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Stainless steel bottles

ECOALF’s raison d'être is none other than to protect our Planet and the environment by creating a different way of producing and, ultimately, consuming fashion and accessories. Plastic is one of the Planet’s greatest enemies. Millions of tons of plastic are produced around the world every year, which emit large quantities of polluting gases and generate waste that often ends up in the oceans. 

Plastic bottles are one of the most consumed items in the world, that’s why at ECOALF we’re offering you an alternative. Our stainless steel bottles. 

Water bottles for men

Our website offers a range of water bottles for men, made from recycled stainless steel. Thanks to the use of this recycled material, we achieve a highly-durable, resistant product that does not absorb odours or flavours. In addition, these bottles have an insulation system that keeps warm liquids up to 12 hours and cold liquids cold up to 19 hours. Our stainless steel bottles come with a screw top and a capacity of 510ml.

Selection of eco-friendly bottles for the office

At ECOALF we have a selection of eco-friendly bottles for the office. With a modern, timeless design, our steel bottles are perfect for carrying water, tea, coffee or any other drink to work without having to worry about maintaining its temperature. Our steel bottles are available in a wide range of colours, from the more discreet black to the more cheerful blue or green. 

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