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Women’s caps

Although they’re perfect for keeping the sun off your head and eyes, they will also help you keep your hair tidy in windy situations! But even if the weather conditions don’t require one, a cap is the perfect accessory to add that special touch to your outfit.

Women’s caps are perfect for the gym, for strolling around town, on holiday or wherever you want. They provide an urban, sporty touch, while also maintaining a youthful, casual look.

Choose a colour that matches the rest of your outfit and enjoy practical, eco-friendly and sustainable fashion with our collection of vegan caps. You can combine your favourite cap with our collection of women’s T-shirts

Women’s eco-friendly caps

Our ECOALF caps are sustainable as they are made from organic cotton. Our cotton helps to protect biodiversity, because it avoids the use of pesticides, chemical fertilisers and genetically modified seeds. All to continue contributing to the environmental, social and ethical best practices we always strive to comply with.

With a rear strap, your favourite cap will fit you perfectly and provide comfort in a simple and practical way.

Shop online for women’s sports caps

Shopping online for women’s sports caps is simple, practical and convenient. And with ECOALF, it’s also sustainable and environmentally friendly. Check them out in our women’s accessories section. 

All of our caps are made in compliance with the principles of sustainability, environmental protection and animal welfare so you can add a casual touch to your look without harming the environment. Explore our selection of caps and choose the one that suits you best.