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ECOALF kids’ sweatshirts

Sweatshirts have become one of the most versatile garments, both for adults and children. We are aware of this at ECOALF, and that’s why we’ve launched a collection of kids’ sweatshirts, that meets the versatility expected of these garments, while also providing design and comfort. 

Sweatshirts are a must-have in any kid’s wardrobe. Our ECOALF sweatshirt collection will give your child the chance to dress both fashionably and comfortably.

Buy kids’ zip-up sweatshirts

Being one of our best-selling garments, it’s no surprise that we offer different types of sweatshirts. Our zip-up sweatshirts are one of the most popular among kids, thanks to the fact that they can be used both fastened and unfastened. Perfect for autumn and spring, when we often move between colder (outdoors) and warmer environments, such as public transport or classrooms, in the case of children. 

Our sweatshirt collection includes models for all tastes and styles, to help kids feel comfortable at all times. 

Selection of kids’ hoodies

Whether it’s for colder periods like winter or for in-between seasons like spring and autumn, a hoodie is the perfect option for kids. It’s the perfect garment for sports and also casual occasions, thanks to its versatility. And they combine perfectly with our kids’ jackets

Hoodies have become a must-have in every child’s wardrobe. In addition, at ECOALF we offer you a wide range of sweatshirts made from 100% eco and environmentally friendly materials.

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