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The Foundation

The History of the ECOALF Foundation is the story of Upcycling the Oceans, an unprecedented global adventure born in the Mediterranean Sea in 2015. The aim is to clean the oceans of marine waste with the help of the fishing industry and to give a second life to plastic waste through recycling and closing the loop. Currently, the ECOALF Foundation collaborates with local partners to carry out Upcycling the Oceans in SpainGreeceItaly and Thailand , likewise it is working on its implementation in other parts of the world. It also collaborates on other projects in the fields of waste management, environmental awareness or research and development with institutions with which it shares common values and objectives.









1000 tonnes of marine waste have been collected since 2015



The Mediterranean is one of the seas with the highest levels of plastic pollution in the world.

Litter harms marine ecosystems and threatens key economic sectors such as fishing and tourism.

The fishermen that participate in Upcycling the Oceans collect more garbage during rainy seasons, coinciding with river growth

“We are not only concerned about what planet we leave to future generations, but also about what generations we leave to the planet”


The ECOALF Foundation participates in various activities to raise awareness on the problem of waste and damage to the marine ecosystem, as well as on the role of recycling in the search for solutions. Thus, lectures are given and discussions, workshops and exhibitions are organized worldwide for all kinds of audiences, including children.

The ECOALF Foundation is currently supported by KINGSPAN with which it has signed an agreement for the next three years as part of its commitment to circularity. The objectives of this alliance are to further clean the oceans and to further close the cycle of materials that contribute to marine waste. Likewise,  GREENDOT  supports the Foundation’s work since it is interested in increasing awareness of the importance of recycling so that we prevent plastic from getting into the sea and increase the supply of recycled items that can be used as raw materials. Recently  BODEGAS ARRAYAN has joined the group of the ECOALF Foundation’s collaborators with a special interest in addressing the problem by going further inland where 80% of marine waste is generated. This collaboration answers a commitment to practices that are the most respectful to the environment, favoring biodiversity and a natural balance.


Other projects:

“To prevent the waste from entering the sea”

In 2018 Lanjarón and the ECOALF Foundation jointly launched this project, which aims to prevent waste accumulated in coastal areas from getting into the sea. For this project, a number of sites on the Andalusian coast were selected for clean-up operations and detailed characterisation in order to improve the knowledge on the problem and offer future solutions.

“Decálogo Ciudadano" against marine waste

In light of the serious problem marine waste represents, CONAMA 2016 witnessed the presentation of the “ Decalogue against Marine Waste", a document agreed upon by environmental organisations, administrations, third sector bodies, fishermen and businesses, including the ECOALF Foundation, containing advice and good practices focused on prevention, with the aim of contributing to the maintenance of clean beaches, coasts and oceans.

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