Together we designed "Us"

Represents inclusivity and sustainability for all women, through the union of the natural and human world, natural dyes, and comfort, demonstrating that we do not need to harm our planet in irreversible ways to enjoy fashion on a daily basis.

The garments seamlessly transition from home to the city to provide comfort and confidence in any environment. Each item in the collection is named after words of empowerment: Trust, Conscience, Bliss, Optimism, Serenity, Freedom, Balance, Equality, Joy, and Energy. As with last season’s collaboration, this collection will only use natural dyes, such as “Air” made from the peels of pomegranates, or “Sand” made from gallnuts. Others come from the Earth itself, mixing minerals found in the soil and clay such as lapis lazuli, hematite, and cinnabar to compose Bright Sunset, Summer Glow, Soft Musk, and Olive Khaki.

Made with natural pigments

That allow the water used in the dyeing process to be returned to its original source without any pollution. They will be used to color the recycled cotton and Lyocell  (a cellulose fiber made with sustainable wood pulp) fabrics as well as a special array of linens.



With Blanca Padilla’s years of experience as an international model, she knows how important it is to feel beautiful, and she wanted to create a collection that empowers women through items designed for each beautifully unique body.

Together, we have designed a collection to leave a low-impact on the planet, but a big-impact on each individual.

"This collection merges my love for nature and my love for fashion to offer all women comfort and confidence in every situation"

Blanca Padilla

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