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Together we bring you this classic notebook that is made from recycled materials and recyclable. With a passion for paper, MiquelRius has nearly two centuries of experience creating their iconic notebooks. As the school year nears, we have collaborated with the renowned stationary brand to craft a collection of recycled notebooks and pencil cases to add sustainability to each student’s curriculum.

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This collaboration features two different sized notebooks, both made from 100% recycled paper and 100% recycled cardboard. Each represents that although all the ideas written on the scraps of paper used to make the notebook were different, and came from distinct places, they have all come together to form a strong, sustainable, and high-quality notebook: just as we all need to come together to create a sustainable way of living for the future generations.

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The collection also includes three different models of pencils cases with a Bluesign® certified, 100% recycled, nylon fabric, guaranteeing the highest degree of safety for each student and all the workers involved in the process behind making these items.

Notebooks that will become notebooks again.

For each tonne of recycled paper, we save

17 trees and 27,000 liters of water.