Upcycling the Oceans Italy

Starts Up in Civitavecchia

On October 13th, the Ucpycling the Oceans-Italy project formally commenced in the Port of Civitavecchia with the collaboration of 15 trawling vessels, in which more than 60 fishermen work, and with the commitment of port authorities and locals.

And, just like that, Civitavecchia converted into the pilot port that offers the   ECOALF Foundation first-hand information about the quantity and type of trash that threatens the Tyrrhenian Sea. This is also a valuable opportunity to establish the basis of a management system for the residues that guarantees their traceability and recycling.

Specifically, the ECOALF Foundation has the support of this port with the backing of CONAD Nort Ovest, who wants to show its commitment to the fishing sector and the conservation of the marine environment.

The short-term objective is to broaden the network of Italian ports involved, and expand the initiative to other regions. To achieve this, the Foundation team is already working with fishermen, who are the principal protagonists, and looking for the necessary partners to establish the project at a national scale. 

15 boats and 60 fishermen involved.

The first step towards a great objective.

The recent approval of the Salvamare Law benefits the Italian fishermen that participate in programs that fight against marine debris, like UTO.