”Working together for a deeper change.”

We seek partners that share our values, that meet our sustainability standards, or, even better, that go beyond them. We have a very close relationship with them that allows us to influence their processes, ensuring that the basic human rights of all people involved in our supply chain are respected.  

Working together we can strengthen our fair business practices, creating positive impacts in the lives of all people across our value chain.  

To guarantee that our suppliers share our values and commitment to human rights, all our suppliers agree with our Ecoalf Sustainable Commitment.

To minimize the social risks in our operations across the supply chain, all our suppliers are certified and audited by third parties:


    It’s very important for us to make sure that we have the right people on our team. Recruitment and training are the key to enlisting and unifying the members of our team and make sure we work towards achieving our goal: a better planet for tomorrow.


    Our team is expanding very quickly and we want to offer our employees the opportunity to grow with the company.


    Ecoalf culture gives us the tools to ensure the most sustainable and consistent way of working. We are developing leadership programs to ensure that we maintain the values of the company during our rapid expansion.


At Ecoalf we are continuously seeking young talent to join the team. As part of our culture’s values we embrace diversity, culture, encourage creativity and share the mission to work towards a better planet. Every season we welcome new interns from around the world to inspire us and to learn new ways of doing business and how to run it, together.

The executive team

50% women

50% men


Ecoalf team

73% women

27% men


Average age 33,5


Last June (2019), part of the Ecoalf team joined the volunteer initiative “1m2 for Nature” project, coordinated by Libera, an annual gathering that unites people to collect trash from natural environments. The objective of the initiative, apart from the cleaning itself, is the awareness the event generates, inciting action all over Spain to recuperate the largest quantity of discarded litter possible.

Our intervention took place at the San Juan Reservoir where after an hour and a half of cleaning, we collected 20kgs of trash, primarily plastic packaging, glass bottles, cigarette butts and wet wipes.

One of our more recent volunteer initiatives has been "Limpia Ríos, Salva Océanos (Clean Rivers, Save Oceans)” as part of Ecoalf Foundation’s collaboration with Biotherm.

”More than 1000 conferences all over the world.”

(SINCE 2012) 

The ECOALF Foundation participates in various activities to raise awareness on the problem of waste and damage to the marine ecosystem, as well as on the role of recycling in the search for solutions. Thus, lectures are given and discussions, workshops and exhibitions are organized worldwide for all kinds of audiences, including children.