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ECOALF Women’s bags

Our women’s bags are made from recycled polyester from different sources, which reduces water consumption, energy consumption and CO2 emissions. 

The bags available from ECOALF are suitable for everyday use and allow you to carry everything you need, conveniently and in style, thanks to their different designs. You can even combine them with an ECOALF wallet or toiletry bag, so you’re not missing a thing! 

Small bags for women

We strive to come up with different innovative designs that combine sustainability and comfort. Not just a garment, but a product to be put to real use. 

Explore our range of ECOALF small women’s bags for you to take wherever you want. They adapt to every situation, and are useful both for everyday use and for special occasions. 

Our selection of women’s eco-friendly bags 

We pride ourselves on our transparency, in what we do and how we do it, as well as on being consistent with our message, mission and values. Our ECOALF women’s bags, like all our garments, are respectful of the Planet and those who live on it. Our bags are made from recycled materials. 

A bag for every occasion; pepita mobile phone cover, pepita bag, flat bag, claudica bags and many more designs using different shapes and fabrics for you to find the one that best suits your style.

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