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Yoga + Pilates woman

Pilates clothing for women

Flexibility is important if you want to do Pilates correctly. And the choice of appropriate clothing can help or hinder your exercises. It’s important that the garments are elastic, non-compressive and, preferably, free of large seams to avoid chafing. In addition, it should fit snugly to ensure good support and allow freedom of movement as if it were a second skin. 

Our non-compressive leggings and tops avoid microplastic contamination thanks to a revolutionary material made from recycled nylon that uses hydrogen bonds to seal the microfibres while optimising lightness and flexibility.

Another major point is the quality of the materials. Ideally, they should be breathable in order to maintain an adequate body temperature.

ECOALF Pilates clothing for women meets all the requirements for you to be able to perform your exercises in full comfort and flexibility.

Yoga clothing for women

The practice of yoga requires precise movements and a good deal of flexibility, so it’s worth wearing comfortable, non-compressive clothing that allows freedom of movement.

Buying ECOALF yoga clothes for women is easy and you’ll find the perfect clothes for all your exercises. In addition, you’ll be protecting the planet in an active way, which is also an important part of yoga philosophy.

Collection of sustainable yoga and Pilates clothing

Our collection of sustainable yoga and Pilates clothing is compatible with environmental protection and enables you to dress fashionably without harming the planet, using as few natural resources as possible, without reducing the quality of the garments. You’ll find organic, recycled and vegan materials that will give you the support and flexibility you need when exercising.

In addition, you can easily choose and buy your favourite clothes, and receive your order at home in a matter of days. It’s that simple! You’ll also find women’s running clothes, and sports accessories for practicing your favourite sport. 

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