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Kids’ fashion

At ECOALF, we offer a selection of kids’ clothing made from recycled materials. This doesn’t imply lower quality—quite the contrary—as we always strive to offer the best possible quality products. 

Just as in our men’s and women’s collections, when we manufacture kids’ clothing, our main pillar is to keep an eye on the future, and the planet. Not forgetting that, increasingly, our children also want to dress fashionably and feel good in what they wear. 

ECOALF kids’ clothing

You can explore our kids’ clothing collection in our online store, including jackets and coats, T-shirts, trousers, hats, scarves and everything you need. We know how important it is for children not only to be fashionable, but also to feel comfortable in their everyday adventures. 

We’re confident that our wide selection of garments at ECOALF will win you over. We make it as easy as we can for you. All you need to do is choose the model you like best, pick the size and complete the purchase in a couple of simple steps. And if you have any doubts about choosing the right size, all you need to do is click on the kids’ clothing size guide that is available on our website. 

Kids’ eco-friendly clothing

The clothes we make at ECOALF have a very defined style, but their main value is that they are unique and environmentally responsible garments. PFC-free, all the clothes available from our online store are pure functionality and sustainability. 

Everything you can see, both in this section and everywhere else, is made from organic materials and sustainable fabrics.