The BCOME Evaluation System scores Ecoalf’s degree of environmental, social, and ethical efficiency according to its best sustainable initiatives carried out throughout its value chain, taking into account that exceeding 0% already implies a positive impact. The grades in BCOME Evaluation Systems can be: HIGH (0% to 33%), ADVANCED (34% to 66%) or HONORS (67% to 100%).


Our FW20 collection includes 127 styles with the BCOME guarantee, allowing you to see the impact these items have on:


Check how environmentally efficient our practices are in managing and responsibly using water, CO2, and PO4. You can see how much was used and how much we were able to save.


Look at how many processes it took to make the item and the number of people involved. It also certifies that they have safe and better livelihoods and that the product was ethically traded.


See our degree of transparency and traceability throughout our supply chain, such as the amount of kilometers behind each item and our certifications, like being a Certified B Corporation.


Founded in 2019, BCOME is the pioneer intelligent systems application used to manage sustainable processes in the textile industry. It already has more than a million products under its guarantee on the market. 

BCOME only employs the highest standards and methodology to evaluate the degree in which social, environmental, and ethical practices are both favorable and efficient. The evaluation begins with the item’s conception and includes every process until it is in your hands.