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Travel suitcases for men

At ECOALF, our philosophy is mainly focused on creating products based on respecting the environment and committing to its protection and continuity. We’re always thinking about the well-being of future generations. One of the most important aspects of our products are the recycled materials we use to manufacture them: innovative and reused fabrics.

In the case of our travel suitcases for men, they are made mainly from recycled polyester. Their durability makes them the perfect choice.

Large travel suitcases

Our catalogue of suitcases for men, includes a range of alternatives to choose from, depending on your needs and preferences. If what you need is a large travel suitcase, we have trolleys with a capacity of 90 l. These trolley cases have an inside padded compartment that divides the space. In addition, our large travel suitcases have inside and outside pockets as well as wheels for ease of use and transport.

We have different designs to choose from, including cases in black or green, basic, timeless shades that will accompany you on each and every one of your trips. You’ll have plenty of room to include one of our men’s toiletry bags, for example.

Explore our collection of eco-friendly suitcases

When it comes to designing products, our main priority is quality in order to create highly durable products. In the case of our travel suitcases, their versatile, innovative and functional design also stands out. Thanks to their flexible frame, we can manufacture them entirely from recycled materials. Our eco-friendly, sustainable suitcases, will help you make a positive contribution to the environment, but also to society as a whole.