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ECOALF Women’s trousers

Our goal? Commitment, consistency, transparency and integrity as a company. To protect the Planet’s natural resources and create a way of life characterised by the sustainability of our products. A look into the future by creating a new generation of garments such as our ECOALF women’s trousers

Our collection of women’s trousers includes a range of styles for different occasions: everyday wear, dress trousers, to practice sports, etc. Simply choose the one that suits you best. 

Comfortable trousers for women 

We work to ensure that our designs are made from Planet-friendly materials; however, we take our research one step further to ensure that our products are practical, comfortable and high-quality. 

At ECOALF, we want to offer you the full experience, and therefore you can complete your look with our women’s sweatshirts and our entire collection of women’s casual shoes available on our website. 

Selection of eco-friendly trousers 

Different styles for different occasions. Whatever the occasion, we work on a selection of eco-friendly trousers, with materials that suit you. Timeless colours and designs, a sign of the durability and quality of ECOALF women’s trousers. 

We avoid the use of raw materials, and therefore, recycled Wool and Cashmere are the only two animal-derived materials present in our collections. We save more than 5,000 litres of water and reduce more than 20 kg of CO2 emissions with each garment.