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Sustainable and organic cosmetics products

Natural and organic cosmetics are a thoughtful choice for personal care that also benefits the environment. These products, made with organic and sustainable ingredients, not only respect your skin but are also kind to the planet.

At ECOALF, we avoid harsh chemicals and choose gentle, effective formulas with natural ingredients. Our range of natural and organic cosmetics includes options for all skin types, emphasizing health and sustainable beauty. Choose from our range of sustainable soap, shampoo, moisturizer, SPF 30 sunscreen, deodorants and lip balms.

Additionally, our 100% refillable and reusable aluminum containers significantly reduce plastic waste — by as much as 53 plastic bottles per user annually. These containers also contribute to 74% lower CO2 emissions and require up to 70% less water compared to similar conventional products.

Waste-free sustainable cosmetics

Our ECOALF Wellness natural cosmetics collection is crafted with plant-based ingredients or produced through biotechnology. We never use animal testing, and our products are suitable for all skin types.

Within our range, you'll find a variety of natural cosmetics for face and body, essential for your daily routine. Discover the beauty of natural skincare from the comfort of your home with our ECOALF Wellness collection, available online. These are environmentally conscious cosmetics that you can purchase from anywhere with ease.

Plant-based and Organic wellness cosmetics

We all use personal care products daily, but at ECOALF, we aim to make a difference with our planet-friendly, natural cosmetics.

Indulge in a unique personal care experience with our extensive range of products, including soaps and body creams, shampoos, deodorants, and lip balms. These high-quality cosmetics are designed to deliver visible, long-lasting results in a sustainable way.

A new generation of personal care products is here — one that cares for both your skin and the planet. Explore ECOALF Wellness and make a positive change in your personal care routine.