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Women’s eco-friendly backpacks

Our women’s eco-friendly backpacks are the latest trend in sustainable fashion. They’re perfect for adding a casual, urban touch to any look. They also give you the freedom of movement you need in your everyday activities. It’s easy to move around with a backpack and you can carry everything you need in your everyday life.

Whether you’re going to work, shopping, out for a walk around town or going out with friends, our backpack will be your best friend to carry everything you need.

Available in a range of styles and colours, all our backpacks meet the highest standards of environmental protection and best environmental, social and ethical practices.

Urban backpacks for women

Nothing beats a backpack to achieve an urban, casual look.

A backpack allows you to carry everything you need in a practical and convenient way, while you maintain all the freedom of movement you need in your everyday activities. Available in a range of formats and colours, they are the perfect accessory to customise your outfit and achieve that special, unique look. You can complete your look with one of our ECOALF women’s wallets.

Made from recycled materials, either polyester or nylon with organic cotton, our ECOALF backpacks are perfect for your trips without harming the environment.

Selection of backpacks

Explore our selection of backpacks and find the one that best suits your lifestyle. Youthful and highly practical, we have several models available, from the most classic to the most modern, and all of them are made from reusable materials.