Upcycling the Oceans joins Enaleia to clean up the Greek coast

Throught its project "Mediterranean Clean Up" Enaleia trains, empowers and motivates old and new fishermen to collect plastic from the sea. During the last fishing period they involved 10 fishing boats to work in this program, and cleaned in total 16 tonnes of marine litter, of which 83% was plastic. In fact, the UN Environment Program selected it among the Top 5 best initiatives in Europe for 2019 for its positive impact on the environment. 

For all that and taking into consideration the similarities between Enaleia´ s project and Upcycling the Oceans, both entities have signed an agreement to establish a collaboration for boosting the recycling of the marine debris collected by the fishermen. The Ecoalf Foundation will support ENALEIA for the next three years in sorting the waste in six Greek ports with 35 boats and more than 200 fishermen involved.

This is the first step for Upcycling the Oceans-Med, an initiative headed by the ECOALF Foundation to join forces all over the Mediterranean Sea and tackle one of its greatest threats, marine litter.

35 Boats and more than 200 fishermen involved

An unprecedented worldwide adventure born in Spain in 2015 and expanding to the rest of the Med.