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ECOALF surfwear for men

Surfing requires technique, practice, waves and the right gear that allows you to move well and stay on the waves longer.

ECOALF surfwear for men is made from high quality, recycled materials to give you the comfort you need with a perfect fit. So you can ride the waves for as long as you want, enjoying them at all times.

In order to limit oil-based materials, our wetsuits—made in collaboration with Deeply and designed by world champion big wave surfer Natxo Gonzalez—are made from Yulex® natural rubber to provide comfort, unlimited mobility and quick-drying properties.

Our garments are eco-friendly and sustainable, complying with environmental, social and ethical best practices to provide you with the perfect sustainable surfwear. We also help protect the environment with our recycled materials and, thanks to the technology we use, we can help clean up the ocean floor. 

By protecting the sea, you’ll be able to enjoy the waves much longer.

One of the things we do to protect the seabed is recover tons of waste that we give a second life to through recycling, turning plastics into the sustainable materials from which we make much of our surfwear. So, aside from contributing to marine preservation, we are also making high quality, environmentally friendly clothing.

We also use technology to seal the microfibres in our fabrics to prevent further contamination of the seas with microplastics. Protecting the sea and marine life is possible thanks to technology and recycling.

Summer surfwear collection for men

Our summer surfwear collection for men includes a wide variety of garments to enjoy surfing for as long as you want. Our garments comply with environmental protection, and also comply with good environmental, social and ethical practices. Therefore, you’ll be using eco-friendly and truly sustainable fashion without harming the planet, using as few natural resources as possible. 

You’ll find organic, recycled and vegan materials that will allow you to dress adequately for surfing while you also protect the planet, without reducing the quality of the garments.

If you’re passionate about other sports such as running or cycling, you are sure to find what you need at ECOALF.