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ECOALF Kids’ vests

With the arrival of the cold weather, we need to start looking for suitable clothing to cope with the autumn and winter temperatures. Not only for ourselves, but also for the youngest members of the family, who are usually more exposed to common seasonal illnesses, such as colds or the flu. 

Kids’ vests are a versatile and comfortable garment that not only keeps them warm, but is also suitable for their jam-packed days, full of activities. 

Our ECOALF vest collection is not only comfortable for everyday use, but also environmentally friendly, as it is made from top-quality recycled materials. Explore our wide range of vests in our online catalogue. 

Wide range of kids’ padded vests

If you’re looking for a vest for your child, first you need to ask yourself what they’ll use it for. If it’s for everyday wear, or for when you all go out for a walk, or for wearing to an outdoor after-school activity. Depending on what they need, you can choose one from our collection. 

Whichever vest you choose, you’re sure to get it right with ECOALF! We strive to offer products of the highest quality, made from environmentally friendly materials, in a manufacturing process endorsed by the Global Recycling Standard (GRS). 

Buy the best padded vest online

There’s no question that kids’ vests have to be comfortable and warm. Our collection offers you the chance to buy a padded vest to cope with the adverse weather conditions typical of autumn and winter. And they’re so easy to combine with our trouser collection

Take a look at our kids’ vests catalogue, choose the model you like the most and don’t forget to check you picked the right size.