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Hats and Scarves

Hats and scarves are the perfect accessory for the coldest days. When the temperature drops, you'll appreciate the touch of recycled wool that protects your head from the cold and, depending on the material of the hat, also from the rain. In addition, they can be perfectly combined with any piece of clothing, whether it be with women's sweatshirts, women's coats, or men's coats, resulting in a practical and casual outfit, perfect for going out or going to the gym, protecting wet hair from the cold outside.

Earflap Hats

With our earflap hats, you can protect yourself from the coldest temperatures at any time or place. The perfect winter and sustainable look. Discover our collection of winter hats and scarves, ideal for protecting yourself from the cold without sacrificing fashion or environmental care.

Wool Hats and Scarves

Discover our collection of wool hats and scarves and stay warm. Our hats are made with recycled wool to avoid the use of virgin animal-based materials. Thanks to innovative techniques, we achieve a very high quality in this material. For the coldest days, you can buy earflap hats, which are also very useful if you need protection from rain, as they are made of recycled polyester, adjustable, and water-repellent.