Berlin Store

A space to disconnect from the city. Where you can discover, explore and interact with nature and impactful sea and ocean images.

Designed specifically for events, documentaries, conferences and talks but also available for anyone who simply wants to relax and enjoy nature.

This multifunctional space, adapts to both store and consumer needs. It’s made up with two projectors which take up to 10 meters (lineal) where constant blue images will be playing as well as sharing initiatives of what others are doing to help protect the oceans around the world.

Ecoalf has a bespoke semi-circular sofa, upholstered using recycled PET bottles material. This design enables the space to become anything from a showroom, to press presentations or events. A prominent carpet made of recycled algae holds together this space. It is no exception that Ecoalf always achieves that all the recycled materials made with different waste; meet both the aesthetic and functional cues equally as the none-recycled. True to Ecoalf´s vision.

Sustainability & energy efficiency

When walking into the store, one should see the brand philosophy and breathe the bran's values: sustainability, innovation, and design in an urban character. This is the main objective throughout the store's journey. Since the beginning the store design has fully respected the previous space giving it a second life with a bespoke veneer. Accomplishing resourceful and flexible store made of recycled material.

An interior garden that bridges between the urban square and the green areas of the building, unique settings that are defined by the lighting to engage with the customer, and modern digital technology (visible in the exterior as well as the interior of the store) to maximize communication and generate consumer awareness with key signaling around change, responsibility and compromise with the planet.

Throughout the whole store journey the consumer is educated about Ecoalf's recycling processes and materials achieved with videos, to fully understand how the brand develops materials.

This new Ecoalf Flagship space offers much more than a sustainable fashion brand, you will find architecture, design, books and beauty, which build a sustainable lifestyle experience that is true to the bran's philosophy.

To further strengthen storytelling ECOALF identified two of the main raw materials used in the process: plastic PET bottles and fishing nets recovered from the bottom of the sea. Each one has its tailored space along with the collection that it is made of and a screen that speaks to the process. Sight and touch orchestrate the experience enhancing Ecoalf’s storytelling.

Where we are?

 Alte Schönhauser Straße 5

10119, Berlín

Store: (+49) 302 790 7727

Open from Monday to Saturday

10:30 - 20:00

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