Recycled plastic bottles from the bottom of the ocean

Ecoalf Foundation has managed to involve more than 3000 fishermen in 40 ports, amounting to a total of 550 sea trawlers and collecting 500 tons of trash from the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea.

Recycled Nylon

Coming from recovering nylon waste, (fabric scraps, fishing nets from the oceans and carpets) recycled nylon requires half the amount of steps compared to the conventional chemical process and reduced energy and water consumption.

Recycled cotton

By using recycled cotton, ECOALF saves 2,500 liters of water per T-shirt

Recycled wool

Wool is one of the most recycled fibres. Wool products have long durability. With the low environmental impact, mechanical recycling process is the way to re-use wool fibres and keep them in the loop longer.

Recycled used tyres

The tyre is very difficult to recycle as it contains metals, antioxidants and fabric pieces. It took two years of investment in R&D to create a clean powder to make our flip-flops.

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