Upcycling the Oceans

In 2015 Ecoalf embarked on its most ambitious project: Upcycling the Oceans a worldwide adventure that will help remove marine debris from the bottom of the oceans thanks to the support of the fishermen.

A revolutionary project that aims to be replicated all over the world, whose main objective is to recover the trash that is destroying the sea, and transform it into top quality yarn to produce garments.

The vast complexity and the great challenge that this project faces lies in the low and inconsistent quality of the debris recovered by the fishermen as a consequence of its exposure to sunlight, salt and water. Investment in R&D is crucial to the attainment of quality in line with Ecoalf’s standards.

More than 330 ton

of marine waste recovered since 2015

Ecoalf Foundation has established key arrangements with the main fishermen’s associations of Spain and Thailand.

When on land, these residues will be classified and stored depending on its nature until reaching the minimum quantity required to convert them into flakes and pellets through sophisticated innovative processes, obtaining 100% recycled filaments of high technical quality without using more of the planet’s natural resources.

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