Lost Colors

We are bringing back Lost Colors  as a sign of hope, embracing SS22 with eagerness and optimism through vibrant colors that highlight the opportunity to save our oceans. Lost Colors represents these unique and beautiful colors in the ocean that are being lost due to rising temperatures and pollution. The ocean generates 70% of the oxygen we breathe, yet we are using it as a giant landfill. This waste is affecting the corals, triggering the loss of their bright colors and their transition towards white. This final line of defense is a call for help, and it is in our hands to restore the rainforest of our oceans.

This collection recreates the vibrant colors our ocean is losing

The selection of materials and processes of Lost Colors is at the forefront of sustainability and design, using low-impact materials such as linen, hemp, and recycled cotton to promote a relaxed and conscious way of living while reducing water consumption and CO2 emissions at the same time. We are measuring and limiting emissions to stay below the 1.5 increase and reach zero emissions by 2030, but to restore our corals, everyone needs to be part of the change. Share the message with the colors of our ocean and join our Lost Colors campaign.

Coral reefs support over 25% of life under the sea, and several of them are already gone… if we continue at this pace, by 2050 half of the world’s corals will disappear.The array of colors in this collection features bold oranges, bright greens, dusty pinks... and mimics their fading colors with soft pastels and finally a stark white. We need to limit the rising temperatures to a 1.5º increase, this is our only opportunity to protect the ocean. Every action counts, and each of our decisions will have an impact. We need to restore our corals and save our oceans.

Lost Colors takes Ecoalf one step closer to 0 emissions. In total we reduced CO2 emissions by 1,195 tonnes.