At ECOALF, we are committed to protecting our planet and reducing the consumption of natural resources in an irresponsible way. The goal of our movement is to join forces with people of the planet and ACT! More than 10 years committed to protecting the planet. More than 10 years transforming waste into fashion products. We work with over 3,000 fishermen around the world. We´ve taken out over 400 tonnes of waste from the bottom of the ocean. We´ve recycled over 120 million plastic bottles. We´ve helped to recycle 100 tonnes of discarded fishing nets. We´ve developed over 300 fabrics recycled from different types of waste. We´ve shared our voice and commitment with over 300 educational institutions across the world. Our ongoing actions now more than ever need your help With the mission to continue to clean the oceans, 10% of the BECAUSE THERE IS NO PLANET B product sales will be donated to the ECOALF FOUNDATION to support its Upcycling the Oceans expansion to the Mediterranean. We are bringing people together; giving those deeply concerned by the state of our oceans a voice. Like us, they’re devoted to finding solutions and taking action. We want to inspire the public to make a commitment and start acting on behalf of the planet, because there is no planet B. BECAUSE WE ARE HUMAN ADVOCATES AND ACTIVISTS. BECAUSE WE ARE COMMITTED. BECAUSE WE ARE FRIENDS. BECAUSE THERE IS STILL TIME TO ACT: Wear the message, live the message, be the message. Be part of the change and help us clean the oceans. Take a picture, share it and inspire others to spread the word. Join our movement @ECOALF #BecausethereisnoplanetB

Thank you


We’ve taken out over 400 tons of waste from the bottom of the ocean. We have recycled over 120 million plastic bottles. We have developed over 300 fabrics and turned them into top quality garments… Our ongoing actions now more than ever need your help.

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