The ECOALF Foundation is a non-profit organization whose main objective is to promote the recovery of waste in order to recycle it and avoid its harmful impact on the environment, through the development and application of new scientific and technological knowledge.

The Foundation

The history of the ECOALF Foundation begins with Upcycling the Oceans, an unprecedented worldwide adventure born in the Mediterranean Sea in 2015. The goal is to clean the oceans of waste with the help of the fishing sector and to give plastic waste a new life thanks to recycling and the circular economy. Currently, the ECOALF Foundation coordinates Upcycling the Oceans Spain with ECOEMBES as well as Upcycling the Oceans Thailand with the support of PTT Global Chemical and the Government of Thailand. ECOALF aims to replicate this project in other parts of the world. Likewise, the ECOALF Foundation participates in other initiatives that involve waste management, environmental education and R+D, together with entities of similar shared values and goals. The ECOALF Foundation is currently supported by KINGSPAN which has signed a three year agreement regarding its commitment to circularity. The goals of this alliance are to continue recovering trash from the oceans and to further close the cycle of materials that make up the marine debris. The ECOALF Foundation collaborates with other entities with similar values in order to create synergies that can tackle the marine debris problem. It is not just about Upcycling the Oceans it is about addressing other fronts, especially through environmental education. The entity works on raising awareness about the problem of marine litter and the opportunity offered by the circular economy, by giving talks to different audiences. 





We have different voices but we share a common goal, to save the planet and its oceans. Since 2015, more than 550 boats and more than 3,000 voluntary fishermen have collaborated with the ECOALF Foundation project to recover marine litter. 








500 tons of marine waste recovered since 2015





The ECOALF Foundation together with the Tourism Authority of Thailand and PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited (PTTGC), announced during the 2nd Edition of Sustainable Brands Bangkok, a 3-year agreement to replicate Upcycling the Oceans in Southeast Thailand. 


“It’s not just about the planet we leave to future generations, but also the generations which will be left to the planet”


The ECOALF Foundation participates in different activities to raise awareness about littering and its negative impact on marine ecosystems, as well as the role played by the circular economy in the search for solutions. Lectures are given all over the world and we participate in conferences, workshops, talks and exhibitions for all types of audiences, including the youngest ones. 

Other projects:

“Para que la basura no llegue al mar”-

“So that the trash does not reach the sea”

In 2018, Lanjarón and the ECOALF Foundation joined forces to launch this pilot project whose goal is to prevent coastal litter from reaching the sea and becoming marine debris. For this purpose, a series of points were selected on the Andalusian coast. Detailed cleaning actions and characterizations are carried out at these locations to improve knowledge about this problem and propose future solutions.

“Decálogo Ciudadano contra las basuras marinas” - “Citizen Decalogue against marine litter” 

Faced with the urgent problem caused by marine pollution, in CONAMA 2016 the “Decalogue of citizens against marine litter” was launched. It is a document agreed by environmental organizations, public administrations, third sector entities, fishermen and companies, including the ECOALF Foundation. The Decalogue presents tips and good practices focused on prevention, with the aim of helping to keep the beaches, coasts, and oceans clean. 

Would you like to join the citizen’s Decalogue against marine litter?

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