Blanca Padilla 2021

ECOALF and Blanca Padilla are joining forces to make a change through fashion. Ecoalf’s strength lies in constant innovation and the unmatched sustainability of its fabrics, while Blanca brings her eagerness for nature and experience in the fashion industry. It’s about doing what is right and feeling good about it.

Blanca Padilla is an international model with a distinctive reputation. This collaboration seeks to raise awareness on the importance of respecting our planet in greater ways through a more mindful approach to fashion.

We’ve created 8 unique and essential pieces for your wardrobe without compromising the planet’s health. Therefore, each piece of the collection is named after a blend of human and natural elements:

Ocean, Aura, Earth, Wind, Fire, Core, Lava and Spirit.

  • Unique because of the natural dyes behind each piece. Made from 100% cellulosic materials of vegetal origin that promote the circular economy.


Each piece is created with the utmost transparency and sustainable materials so you can have durable, genuine, traceable, and high-quality summer basics that are respectful to our planet.