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Men’s espadrilles

Our men’s sustainable espadrilles are designed to be comfortable, durable and super original. Your ideal accessory for a casual but elegant look, perfect for everyday wear. Our men’s espadrilles are designed to be lightweight, flexible and easy to wear. The soles are designed to ensure your comfort all day long, without sacrificing on style. Thanks to the R&D and work we put into each product, we’ve managed to create eco-friendly espadrilles made from 100% eco-friendly materials. 

ECOALF collection of men’s espadrilles

Since the creation of the ECOALF foundation in 2015, we have managed to turn polyester from our oceans into incredible garments like these. Introducing our ECOALF men’s espadrilles, made from sustainable materials and the highest quality fabrics to ensure durability and a timeless design. 

These espadrilles give a second life to used plastic bottles as they are made from recycled rubber and polyester. Our eco-friendly, sustainable espadrilles will help you save C02 emissions and litres of water.

Dress espadrilles for men 

Made from high quality materials, our dress espadrilles for men are perfect for summer days. 

In different designs and colours so you can choose the model you like best. With soles adapted to your feet and needs so you can wear them all day long. 

Explore our wide catalogue of ECOALF espadrilles and wear them with one of our polo shirts

Men’s eco-friendly espadrilles 

This collection of men’s eco-friendly espadrilles, has been carefully made from recycled materials and with a firm commitment to sustainability. Available in a wide range of colours and designs, our espadrilles are comfortable, lightweight and versatile. A stylish way to remain eco-friendly, as they have been designed with the Earth in mind.

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