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At ECOALF, we’re always looking ahead, to future generations that will live on this Planet. That’s why our goal is to take care of it, because there is no plan B. We are aware of the impact and environmental damage we cause every time we use its natural resources massively and produce very harmful gases and waste. Our ECOALF men’s wallets, like all our collections, are made to avoid all this. 

ECOALF men’s wallets 

Our men’s wallets are made from Recycled Polyester which reduces water consumption by 20%, energy consumption by 50% and CO2 emissions by 60%. A highly valued material in sustainable fashion, as recycled materials can be recycled again and again. 

Explore our collection of wallets and combine your favourite with one of our other accessories such as our men’s caps or backpacks

Selection of small wallets for men 

Our website includes a range of water-repellent men’s wallets in different styles so you can choose the one that best suits you. Zip-up, basic, Velcro, with inside and outside pockets, neutral or multi-colour designs, made entirely from 100% recycled materials. 

Explore our selection of small wallets for men for you to take anywhere you want. We are continuously developing innovative and 100% sustainable fabrics in all stages of the manufacturing process, but we also focus on the designs. We want them to be unique, useful and convenient for you. 

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